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The Westboro Learning Center Virtual School: A Home-School Partnership

May 31st, 2020

The Westboro Learning Center Virtual School: A Home-School Partnership

The Westboro Learning Center is excited to announce that it is moving into a virtual format for a home-school partnership! In these uncertain and challenging times, we need to adapt and find ways to provide a safe, secure and healthy atmosphere for our children and families. The Westboro Learning Center is ready to help.

This fall we will run a mixed preschool class and our transitional kindergarten class via a virtual-homeschool partnership. The Westboro Learning Center will partner with enrolled families to provide children with a friendly, safe, stable and fun learning program. Families will provide the space, technology and some materials, while The Westboro Learning Center will provide a developmentally appropriate and well-designed curriculum, options and support for establishing routines, direct teaching of lessons via virtual platforms, sanitized materials for home play and opportunities for social get togethers when safe.

Program Highlights:

  • Community: The Westboro Learning Center virtual home-school partnership will continue its focus on a sense of community.
    • Zoom Meetings: The program will include daily Zoom meetings for circle time and daily mini-lesson.
    • Family Meet-Ups: In addition, we will also do small group meet-ups (playgrounds, apple picking, zoo, etc.), when feasible within the current phase of social distancing at the time.
  • Curriculum: Our curriculum will still be the comprehensive, balanced curriculum that The Westboro Learning Center has offered within its classrooms.
  • Student Materials Bin: Each student will receive a materials bin that will be dropped off and picked-up on a weekly basis. On Mondays, families will find the bin stocked with materials needed for the week. There will be craft supplies for the week’s craft, and hands on materials for developmentally appropriate discovery-play. At the end of the week, the non-consumable materials will be returned, and staff will thoroughly sanitize them according to CDC recommendations.
  • Suggested Routine Components: Parents will receive an overview of suggestions for creating a developmentally appropriate home-school routine for their child(ren). Families can then shape the routine to meet their individual child(ren)’s and family’s needs. Staff are more than willing to assist and offer suggestions should the family wish to consult about their daily schedule. The WLC is ready to partner with parents, grandparents, nannies, whatever adult(s) families need to support children in this “new normal.”
  • Seesaw: Seesaw is an online learning platform. We will use this platform to provide additional direct teaching of lessons and follow-up activities. The Seesaw platform allows for videos and follow-up activities to be uploaded and responded to by students. They can create videos, take photos, record audio files and/or create responses on a blank page or add to a template uploaded by the teacher. This platform also allows for easy, open parent communication.


Contact us today to learn more! mailto: slundberg@nullwestborolc.com

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