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Tutoring Options


Tutoring is offered in a one on one format, two to one, or small group.  You can form your own group, so that your child is with friends, or we can match your child up with others who have the same needs and are about the same age.

Our tutoring classes are all based on solid educational philosophy called the “zone of proximal development.”  Through the use of informal assessments we find out what your child can do on his or her own and what he or she can learn with guided support from our staff.  This scaffolded support individualizes the instruction, and provides for independent and guided practice during each session.

Sessions can be focused on one topic such as phonics, reading, writing or mathematics for 45 minutes, or sessions can cover multiple topics in 90 minutes.  Tutoring groups can be scheduled once or twice (for more consistency) a week. 

One to One:  $65.00/hr. 
Two to One:  $45.00/hr. per child
Small Group:  $25.00/hr. per child (3+ students, no more than 6)


Phonics (Grades: K-3)

Our teachers will guide students though lessons that utilize visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities featuring the Wilson FUNdations® system.  Research has proven that a strong phonetic understanding is essential for fluent reading and writing.  Research has also shown that phonics instruction needs to be systematic and sequential.  Our approach is aligned with research proven best practice. 

Reading (Grades 1+)

Our teachers will help students with the reading process, working on the elements of word attack strategies, fluency, comprehension, self-correction, re-reading for understanding, making predictions and connections, asking questions, summarizing and re-telling.  Instruction will be based on students’ needs following an informal assessment using the Developmental Reading Assessment®.


Writing (Grades 1-2)

Following a writers’ workshop approach to lessons, our instructors will help developing writers with the mechanics of writing and creating a well organized story or paragraph.  Quality literature will be used as a model, needs-based mini-lessons will be given, and proper use of graphic organizers introduced.  Each student will compile a writing portfolio as the sessions progress.

Writing (Grades 3-6)

A writers’ workshop framework is also used in our upper grades for writing lessons. At this level our instructors will guide students through the writing process to create well organized pieces, in a variety of genres.  Lessons will still utilize quality literature as a model, needs-based mini-lessons and graphic organizers, but at a higher level, and within the steps of the writing process.  At this level students will self-assess their writing to assist in creating a writing portfolio.

Mathematics (Grades 1-2)

At this level a solid understanding of number sense and place value is an essential foundation to all other mathematical topics to come.  Many children who struggle with math, have weaknesses in this foundational understanding.  Our teachers will help students at this level strengthen their understanding of our base-ten system so that they can easily solve mental math problems utilizing this knowledge, rather than rote memorization. Once solidified, students will move onto more complex mathematical concepts applying their knowledge to new situations.

Mathematics (Grades 3-4)

At the upper primary level students begin to solve complex word problems using a variety of mathematical operations.  Our teachers will help students at this level to clearly understand the concept of each operation, rather than rote memorization, demystifying the necessary steps in solving problems, as well as solidifying the concepts of fractions and decimals. Again, as progress is made, students will move onto more complex mathematical concepts.

Westboro Learning Center is located in Central Massachusetts, convenient to surrounding towns such as Northborough, Southborough, Hopkinton, Ashland, Marlborough, Grafton, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Framingham, Holliston, and all other Central Massachusetts and Metro West communities.